Dog Grooming at Doggy Play Care

Professional Dog Grooming Team

Professional Dog Grooming Team

Professional Dog Grooming Team

Dog Grooming in Lenoir City, TN

Our clients want to be educated about the best things they can do for their pet to keep their coat maintained. Doggy Play Care has a team of professional Dog Groomers that keep their K9's looking fresh and give them tips and tricks on how to stay that way. If You are looking for a dog grooming company or dog daycare in Lenoir City you have found your place.

Everyone Loves a Clean Dog

Professional Dog Grooming Team

Professional Dog Grooming Team

Dog Grooming at Doggy Play Care

It's our Mission to Spoil Your Dog with Love and Care during their stay at Doggy Play Care. Why should a Dog Daycare be any other way?

dog grooming services


Full-Service Bath

With this Dog Grooming Service, Your pup will be bathed with our Basic or Hypoallergenic shampoo (your preference), blow-dry,  and 15 minutes of brushing. As well as: 

  • nail trim,
  • ear cleaning with natural ear cleanser, 
  • ear plucking (upon request), 
  • anal gland check (expression upon request), 
  • paw/pad trim, and 
  • sanitary trim.

We know that brushing times vary from dog to dog. We will ensure each dog is brushed adequately and until coat is left in a smooth and tidy condition.

Full-Service Groom - Nose to Tail Clipping & Scissoring

Bath with our Basic or Hypoallergenic shampoo, and 15 minutes of brushing. 

  • nail trim, 
  • ear cleaning with natural ear cleanser, 
  • ear plucking (upon request),
  •  anal gland check (expression upon request), and 
  • a nose to tail clipping and scissoring.

Grooming Prices

Pricing varies by bread, size of dog, and coat condition. Pleaes be sure to discuss all these details for your free grooming estimate. We would be happy to connect your with our grooming specialist for price quote. Call us today!

Grooming Add Ons

Add On |  "New Year, New Do" Spa Package - Seasonal Scent Shampoo, Perfume Spritz, and Bandana. For a limited time, while supplies last.

Add On |  Nose & Paw Balm - Application of nose and paw balm. Good for hyperkeratosis, dry skin, protection from seasonal elements.

Add On | Detangling Conditioner - Detangles most coats while it conditions. Leaves your dog's coat feeling silky, shiny and beautiful. It’s great for both short and long haired dogs.

Add On | Nail filing - A clipping is included in your bath or groom but will leave sharp edges. We can smooth those rough edges With a dremel tool or hand file depending on the needs of the dog. Excellent service to preserve flooring, reduce scratches on skin and tearing of clothes.

Add On | Deshedding Package - Coconut fragrance undercoat shampoo and conditioner. 15 minutes of additonal brushing

Add On | Teeth Brushing - brushing of the teeth with canine enzymatic toothpaste with a free take home toothbrush and tutorial.

Add On | Bandana - fabric handpicked by your Doggy Play Care grooming experts.

Add On | Blueberry Shampoo  - Blueberry facial/ body whitening. All natural scrub formulated to effectively reduce tear stains, clean, and brighten your pup’s coat while exfoliating and hydrating the skin.

Add On |  Deodorizing Shampoo - Versatile all natural shampoo that delivers a beautiful coat with captivating, long- lasting fragrance. 

Add On |  Flea and Tick Shampoo - Citrus flea and tick shampoo uniquely formulated using the highest quality all natural products. Pesticide free.

Add On |  Oatmeal Conditioning Shampoo - Aloe, oatmeal, and baking soda conditioning shampoo. Soothes skin as well as controls odors.

Requirements for Grooming

Dogs must be current on these vaccines:

  • Rabies, 
  • Distemper,
  • Bordetella,
  • Influenza optional.

Doggy Play Care has a mandatory 48 hour post vaccination recovery period. This recovery period is so your dog feels its best and prevents exposure to other dog(s) in the facility.

Dogs will not to be forced through the grooming process. If any process results in any signs of stress, flipping, screaming, flailing, aggression, or any behavior that may cause injury, to the pet or the groomer,  we may stop the groom at any time. We always try to ensure each pup is accimated to our space and as comfortable as possible. Owner will be notified for pickup.

Does Your Dog Have a Thick Coat?

Doggy Play Care has a de-shedding treatment - bath with shampoo and conditioner designed to help release excess coat. Includes additional brushing time. Great for any dog with a thick coat, under coat, or double undercoat - Huskies, Great Pyreeness.

Are you interesting in having your dog groomed?

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